Automatic Spotify Playlist of loved tracks

I came across this post on Reddit and was surprised to find that there were no suggested solutions that would automatically add my loved tracks on to a Spotify Playlist. Immediately, I thought back to the "live Twitter bio" post I wrote a few weeks back (or months, I've completely lost track of time over the exam period).

It turns out that it's quite easy to use the RSS and Spotify connections that will work in the background soon after a track on is "loved". I have created an IFTTT applet that you can set up. Turns out you can no longer share Applets on IFTTT, so here are the steps to replicate mine:

If This...

Head to, login and set the trigger to "RSS". Hit new feed item and enter the feed url, but change the username to your own. (all credit for this RSS feed goes to - no guarantees this will work in the future as I'm not sure if it's still maintained). 

Then That...

Search "Spotify" and choose the "Add Track To Playlist" option. Enter a playlist name like " Loved" and set the search parameter to {{EntryTitle}}. That's it, when you love a song on it will now add that track to your playlist. If it doesn't appear immediately, wait a few minutes and it should work.

It was also possible to fill the list with all my previously loved tracks using a website called, however it looks like there are many alternatives available to do this.