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Successfully Migrating to AndroidX

I have been putting off the switch to the AndroidX replacement for the old Android Support libraries for quite a while. Every time I tried, I ran into a conflicting class issue and never found the time to properly debug it. During some dedicated procrastination time today, and incentivised by the new DayNight theme (with a different background colour to the old library), I finally found the solution to a few problems that I've encountered - hopefully, the following post will help if you've come across a similar issue.

In this post I am going to go through the steps and issues that occurred when I updated the app I have been working on. Since I haven't touched the code for this app for almost half a year, it's using the latest release of the support libraries.

1: Update dependencies
The first thing I did was make sure that my dependencies were all up to date - yours might already be up to date, however, I hadn't done this for a while. Firstly I updated Gradle for An…

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