Material About Library - Release 2.3.0

Earlier today I released version 2.3.0 of material-about-library. This is a brief summary of the changes in the release.

In this release, we have addressed the issue of the ActionItem and TitleItem text from being misaligned. (#79)

Since the design of the default items has changed, please note that this update contains breaking changes. If you have created your own custom items to use alongside the defaults, make sure that they still look good and check their alignment with the new design. The photo below is a comparison between the old layout and new layout. There was some discussion in issue #79 in which @code-schreiber and I decided that the 'new' (right side) layout is more aesthetically pleasing.

In addition to this, I would like to thank @code-schreiber again for updating translations in the library and tidying up the readme.

Finally, the bundled version of the support library has been updated to 27.1.1 which fixes some Fragment Transactions that you might have encountered on the previous version. (AOSP Issue 74051124).

I welcome discussion below for suggestions that might form future releases.